Rice Cookie Improv in Munich

We are a group of improv-enthusiasts how meets every week to improve our interpersonal skills like positive thinking, empathy, active listening, say yes to other people, scope with our mistakes and hone our collaboration skills by playing improv games. We are coming from all over the world and we see the beauty in sharing our knowledge and skills with others.

Our workshops are open to beginners and experienced improvisers. Whether you are an amateur looking to try something new, an advanced player looking to hone your craft or a student looking to meet new friends, we are waiting for you!

Next Meetups

We are open to new members. To come to our next open jam, please join Rice Cookie Meetup group Rice Cookie - Improvtheater in Munich

On this calendar you will find the list of our next open jams, workshops and improv shows in Munich and online.

Date Moderator Where?
Sa 28.11 15:00 Max and Tan Online
Tu 01.12 19:00 Lucho Online
Sa 05.12 15:00 Lucho or Tan? Online
Tu 08.12 19:00 Max Online
Sa 12.12 15:00 Tan Online
Tu 15.12 19:00 Max Online
Sa 19.12 15:00 Tan Online
Tu 22.12 19:00 Max Online
Sa 26.12 15:00 FIXME Online
Tu 29.12 19:00 FIXME Online
Sa 02.01 15:00 FIXME FIXME
Tu 05.01 19:00 FIXME FIXME
Sa 09.01 15:00 FIXME FIXME
Tu 12.01 19:00 FIXME FIXME
Sa 16.01 15:00 FIXME FIXME
Tu 19.01 19:00 FIXME FIXME
Sa 23.01 15:00 FIXME FIXME

How do our meetups look like?

Human machine - Building trust workshop You don't need any acting/stage experience to join us. There will be a long and very fun warm-up at the beginning of the workshop, that will get us in the mood for the main part which is consisted of various games and scenes that will improve our verbal skills (storytelling, character development, supporting your partner, coming up with ideas and offers…) and non-verbal skills (working with objects and environment, expressing emotions and attitudes with our bodies, showing empathy). The end of the workshop is reserved for memory circle, one of our favorite parts of the workshop where we remind ourselves on various moments during the workshop.

We keep the energy high all the way long, laugh about our unreal scenes and get reloaded with positive energy. Afterwards we go out together because we are a community.

Most of our workshops are in English and you only need enough English to understand the instructions. Even if the English is not your strong point – no worries – body language is equally important. :)

And the cost is...?

To pay for the rooms where workshops are being held and for Meetup’s fees, ask for a contribution of 5 EUR for a workshop. However, if you want to come regularly, for only 20 EUR you can attend a whole calendar month, which means: up to two times per week (Tuesday and Saturday). If you are a student, unemployed or you can't contribute, you don't need to pay.

How to contribute

Contact us

Rice Cookie Meetup group Rice Cookie - Improvtheater in Munich

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Whatsapp groups Rice Cookie Improv Meetups: Please use the password ricecookie with your cellphone to join. If you want to get our “live location”, last minute information about the practice room or park or know about the topic of the workshop. To prevent spam, only moderators can post on this group

Whatsapp groups Improv-Enthusiasts in Munich: Please use the password ricecookie with your cellphone to join. For Improv-Events in this city and going out with us after the meetup or at night on Saturdays, posting photos and videos. Everyone can post here

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Intermediate level improv workshops

ImproSTAR theater group helds intermediate level workshops in English every Thurday at 19:00.

Untie a human knot - Cooperation skills workshop We are an open social improv group and community based in Munich

Breaking it down:

  • Open: we want to be open to everyone, inclusive and tolerant of different cultures, religions, social backgrounds and personalities. Everyone, with or without experience in improv, is welcome!
  • Social1): we want to spend time together, create a “​family”​ feeling of belonging, build friendships​ and have fun together, even outside improv
  • Improv: we want to use improv-theater to develop our personal skills and have fun
  • Group: we are a group, we practice improv together and we go on stage to perform together
  • Community: we are a community, we socialize together outside of improv, we encourage experimentation, we learn from each other. We help people form small improv groups either for one-off projects or more permanently

Our values

Building trust and make deep connections workshop

  • Passion: We are committed in heart and mind about doing and teaching improv-theater to connect with other people and improve our life
  • Inclusiveness: We respect all cultures, religions, political ideas, social backgrounds, sexual orientations and kinks. We celebrate the diversity of the whole humankind. We know that people with different ideas, strengths, interests and cultural backgrounds enrich our workshops, scenes and shows
  • Openness: Beginners and travellers are welcome. On stage they get support from our experienced improvizers and our warm-ups are specially designed for beginners to get the required soft skills for the stage work. Each person has it own learning speed: Only who feels comfortable in front of other people, goes on stage. Last but not least, we are open to travellers just visiting Munich for a couple of days and anyone who can't join our workshops regularly due to work stress or family obligations
  • Collaboration: We leverage our collective genius helping each other on stage and outside it. We moderate workshops, organize special trainings, trips to improv-festivals and visits to karaokes together as a self-organizing community. Futhermore we train new moderators and share our different views on theater
  • Courage: We are ready to push ourselves outside our comfort zone to learn new interpersonal skills
  • Playfulness: As adults we have fun in a healthy way though improv-theater games

Frequently asked questions - F.A.Q

Our next shows

Why is Improv-Theater our passion?

 Atanas' scene at the Englisch Garten

Improvisational theater is different to any other hobby because:

  • failure is allowed and promoted. You aren’t at the university and you don't get a bad grade if you make an mistake
  • you need to think positive and accept the ideas of the others
  • you need to cooperate. Competition destroys your scenes.
  • you have to develop empathy and listen actively to understand what the other ones are feeling (or trying to express)

After some months of improv you will develop a toolbox of skills to scope with unexpected situations on stage, at work and in your everyday life.

Other improv-theater groups in Munich

Atanas and Louis on stage If you prefer to do improv-theatre on other day or in German, there are some other groups in Munich which you can spontaneously join.

List of improvisational theatre groups in Munich


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“​improv”​ are “​social”​ equal. Remove the improv, and Rice Cookie becomes just another boring social group that doesn'​t do anything for your personal development. Remove the social, and Rice Cookie becomes just another group for improving your improv skills and loses it's magic, the “​family”​ feeling


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